I haven't blogged about this. I should though, meh. 


Know any stupid things people never admit to? 

I'll start:

When people check themselves out in a window's reflection as they're walking past it.

Me: You were checking yourself through the reflections were you, eh?

Them: Whaaat??? No! 


[lamest conversation EVER btw].

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Dieting. Seriously, ordering a dessert fools nobody if you pick at the top of it and leave the rest of it behind. 

"Whaaat? I love brussel sprouts."

"Mmmm! Salad is DELICIOUS!"

Stop it.

Salad *is* delicious. With a giant slice of greasy pizza.

At least 1 slice!

HEY! I happen to <3 brussel sprouts!

With a half a tub of butter poured on them...

My Dad had a work buddy who would always order brussel sprouts from their local restaurant, but he'd never eat them. He just liked the name "Brussel Sprouts".

I like saying the word 'papayas'. But those things are nasty.

Does talking to yourself in a mirror count?

Fo Sho. 

I totally talk to myself in the mirror. Not in front if people cause that's weird, but I don't pretend I won't when alone or watching myself talk when I'm in the phone. Vain? Nah. Wondering what I Really look like when I make that face I make?yes.



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