I wrote a post today about how i feel about abortion.


And i was just wondering what everyones thoughts are on it? When should it be okay? Do you think its always okay and why??

You can comment on my blog or post on here, but i would really like to know everyones thoughts on the subject...

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when its a fetus, its already developed arms, legs, finger prints, it can hear you speak. Every feature that a normal human has this baby has already started to develop.


They allow you to have an abortion anytime before 9 weeks. after the 4 weeks (when most people find out they are pregnant) Its not a fetus yet, but its beginning to grow there arms, legs etc. Its a living being. Its cruel.

Should be legal. Reduces crime, poverty and health complications. (For explanations for any of these, just ask.)


While I strongly disapprove of people using it as a form of birth control, accidents do happen and people should have control of their bodies and their future.


If you are pro-life, answer this question: What punishment should women get for having an abortion?

how does it reduce crime??

You should read Freakonomics. They go into much detail about it. The short answer is this: Making abortion legal makes it cheap. Cheap abortion means lower class people have access to it. Lower class families, not very educated, can now make the choice not to have the baby that nobody taught them how to prevent in the first place. Now, consider if that person had been born. They would have been born into a family that may not have wanted them, wasn't financially prepared for them, and probably wasn't even educated on how to take care of them. Unwanted children grow up to be criminals at an alarming rate. By allowing abortion, you reduce the number of unwanted children, thus reducing crime. The HUGE drop in crime throughout the US in the early 1990's came roughly 19 years after Roe v. Wade was passed. The age the the average criminal starts to "blossom?" 19.


Now, my explanation is incredibly simplified. You should read the book to get the complete story. It is far more convincing in their words.

We can share the mojo. :)

Positive effects of an action do not make the action any more moral.


We could kill all the criminals in the world on first offense and it would greatly reduce crime, but that wouldn't be right.

Okay. Abortion should be illegal for the same reasons killing a person is illegal.
Not disregarding, valuing less the time and effort it takes into having a child than the child itself.

Okay, I don't value the living's time and effort more than what you refer to as an 'unproven possibility.'


So, I read a little bit of the site. If a pregnant women is not taking care of herself while she is pregnant when she has the means to do so, I do think there should be a punishment in extreme cases.

So what punishment should women who have abortions get?
I'm guessing this is directed at one of my posts. I still don't see why it matters what the punishment would be. I suggest 1-2 years in jail.

So a woman who was raped, got pregnant with the rapist's child, has an abortion. Now SHE is the one who is supposed to go to jail?


So a lower class woman who has determined that she cannot afford to have a child has an abortion. Now she is to be jailed by the same society that failed to educate her properly enough to prevent pregnancy?


So a woman has been deemed unsafe to bear a child has an abortion to save her life. She must now do jail time?


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