For me it is bills. I will be able to pay off two bills and still put a little back into savings when I get my tax return. I am really excited about it! WOOT!

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1/2 = Savings
1/2 = Bills
Knock out some of that credit debt! Yay! :(
Annual vet appointment for my dog, first and foremost. She's due for her yearly shots and all in March and that takes priority. Then bills and savings.

I don't know how much I'm getting back yet - first time doing my own taxes and I might be putting it off a bit - so it'll depend on what that magical number is.
Using TurboTax online is really easy. I've done it twice now. I was definitely nervous the first time, but had someone walk me through it. This year it was really easy to do on my own. Just be sure to pick the basic one, it's free.
I'd ask others if they've used it and would be willing to talk you through it. I didn't use it for State though, I just used Illinois' online e-file. Also free.

Best of luck with it!!
I actually did mine through Turbo Tax last night and I'm going to go over them later today and file them. It was super easy. I'm glad I went that route instead of paying people at H&R Block or something crazy.
glad everything worked out!
My half of a deposit and 1st month's rent on a new apartment! I'm moving in April, and it's nice to know I've got that much covered.

I'm going to try to save what's left from that... but I also need to replace my laptop and eventually my iMac, buy a bed frame, a new desk.... and I've been wanting to get Mario Kart for my Wii for a while now! But hopefully I put most of it in savings after I move.
Well, just got mine... and rather than put in it savings for the new apartment... I went ahead and bought my netbook (MSI Wind)... hehe Oops.

I've still got enough left for the apartment though. And the whole getting paid/work thing helps too.
Eh, you have to do what makes you happy. It's going to take a LOT of restraint for me to not run out the moment it arrives and buy this chair I've wanted for MONTHS!

...A $300 chair.
Yeah, I've already had to stop myself from buying all sort of other things... As long as I remember that I'm moving in April, and I won't want to have to pack and carry and move even more clothes/books/shoes/movies/video games... then I should be okay on spending. Hopefully. After April... maybe if I put the money in savings before then I'll forget about it...

Where is this chair from?!?!
:( :( Bills, Bills, Bills

Starting over again costs a ton of money
I'm going on a vacation, but the majority is going into savings for my future unemployment-Yuck!


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