Hey guys!  Anyone else from Portland or from the Northwest?  What are some of your favorite things about Portland?


My favorite things have to be:

-Voodoo Doughnuts

-A surplus of non-Starbucks coffee shops

-Insanely clean

-Awesome music

-Everyone is super friendly and down to earth


-Best public transportation in the country

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oh yeah, man. McMenamins for sure. Love those places.

McMenamins IS awesome, isn't it??  My friend just got a job as a brewer for them, which is pretty impressive since she's a chick and it's an incredibly male-dominated job.  The beer is, of course, amazing, but what realllly gets me at McMenamins is the TOTS.  Seriously.  They're mind-blowing.

Ahhhhh the tots. I always dragged friends to the Compass Room Theater in the Grand Lodge when we were going to see a movie, just to order the tots instead of popcorn. So amazing.

I love Portland!!!!

My favs:

Kels Irish Pub


Local coffee shops

23rd ave


Portland City Grill

The view of Mt. Hood

Driving around the city at night

locally brewed AWESOME beer

OH how I miss Portland!!!!

i LOVE 23rd. :)

My husband would second the local beer selection. Hooray for living in the state with the most microbreweries per capita!

It seems like I've been hearing a lot about Portland lately...Reading through this thread makes me really want to visit or even move there!

first episode of this season of Portlandia is enclosed in this interview with Fred Armisen. Enjoy.


Haha I loved watching Portlandia! I live in Seattle...kind of like a mellow version of Portland lol

I've never been to Portland but i'm hoping to visit within the year.  I hear they have the only vegan strip mall in the world?!

The food trucks, all the pretty parks, the weirdness that really isn't weird if  you're from Portland, all the different coffee shops, and Powell's...I still order all my books from them but I miss just going there and losing track of time wandering around the aisles.

Powell's is awesome.


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