What can blogger do that wordpress can't?

What can wordpress do that blogger can't?

I'm not talking about layout, I'm talking about widgets, community, groups, and random cool things.

For one, I noticed blogger has Google Friend Connect and, correct me if I'm wrong, you could only get google friend connect on your wordpress if it's self hosted.

I'm sure blogger has blog categorized groups and wordpress doesn't.

This isn't a who's better or who's got more stuff.

This is a who's got different stuff battle.  What can one do that the other can't?

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No idea.
thanx ella

that makes me wanna switch to blogger
Great! Mission accomplished then.
i think blogger is more user friendly!
My mom is more user friendly. JK, she can't even get onto Gmail.
I have heard a lot to support this, though I don't know from experience. I have used blogger for about two and a half years, and had absolutely no problems. I hear wordpress users struggling with layout problems, and getting design stuff done is more expensive and a hassle. Like I said, I don't know from experience, but this is comparing my experience with the anecdotes of others.
Yes, A self-hosted wordpress (like my blog) has Google Friend Connect. A self-hosted wordpress can be also used to create a group, a community, etc.
Wordpress is better for quasi-anonymity. Private posts, password-protected posted, and *sigh* IP blocker.

Nicer layouts

Better comment editing

Better spam filters

Better RSS feeds

Better control over your 'pages'

I like blogger's connectivity though. And their image uploader.

Things that Blogger can do that Wordpress can't:

1. Look incredibly tacky 90% of the time.

This is interesting to me, because I feel like at least 90% of wordpress blogs look exactly the same.


Eh. To each his own, right?

haha agreed. I sometimes read one wordpress entry and wont even know it and i'm on someone elses profile somehow but never even realised.

That's because people are not able to customize them. That doesn't mean it's not possible to, though. 


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