Is there a color or a style that does it for you?

I don't have a lot of black in my wardrobe, but I just noticed that when I don my little black panties I feel a lot sexier.

So what about you? Don't feel left out guys, I'm talking to you too!

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LOL. There are some great tat threads here. You should do a search for em and post some of your art.


The same way I wander around the house, which is either in a giant fleece blanket (... I don't know, seriously) or a shirt that goes to mid-thigh and nothing else.


I'm always cold.  No matter how much I try to make my circulation go "HELL YEAH, MOBILITY," I stay cold.  Totally nice during the 100 F (37 C? I think?) degree time of day.  Not so much when it slams into the 50s (uhhh... 10?! Seriously, I try remembering the conversion scales, and I always think I'm getting it wrong; I should place an ad for a tutor right here).

You're not alone on those conversion scales, I find them confusing myself. 



Thank goodness.  I always feel a bit stupid trying to figure out if something in Celsius is hot, since I know I'm like "Wow, 37? That's freaking COLD AS HELL."  Thank you, Fahrenheit.

Soft, and loose v-neck T-shirts. Especially if I am only wearing a bra underneath.

They make me so happy I hug myself. 



I once went out wearing a blue velvet jacket, a red feather boa and red heart shaped sunglasses. At one point someone put makeup on me. I am quite a manly man (sort of a rugby player type) so not the normal kind of person to go for an androgynous look, but for some reason I felt like I was just broadcasting sex appeal the whole night.



High heels, pencil skirt and a shirt. There's nothing like strutting your stuff, sexy secretary - style. 


Although, I do have to say, I could be sitting in my trakkie bottoms, hoodie and fluffy slippers and still feel sexy IF my hair is curly. There's just something about curly hair that makes me feel so gooooooood! 

Tank top and boy shorts for me.


And as much as I dislike the color, pink looks good on my complexion and I always feel sexy when wearing it.


Also, I always feel sexy in your bed Erin. <3

Note to self, dye my sheets pink...
I have a casual little black woollen dress that I wear in both summer and winter and transforms me into a goddess. I also feel incredible in matching sexy underwear, preferably in red and black. And my ONLY pair of knee-high brown leather boots I've ever found in my size.

I feel sexy in you, Erin. Yeahyeah.


No, I feel sexy in this really old men's shirt that I wear as a dress, with a belt. Seriously. I don't know why, but I do.

My favourite high heels (I call my sexy-single-girl-shoes) which I bought after a split with a short guy. They are huuuge and they make me feel free and like I can get anything and anyone I want.

Their record doesn't support this, but I feel amazing in them anyway :D

I'm going to go and put them on now. Just because!


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