Friends, my 2 year tenure in New York City is coming to an end and I wrote two entries dedicated to what I love and what I don't like about New York City.

What about you? Where are you from? What do you like and not like about your town? Do share! xo

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I am from a small town in central Illinois.  I love what I hate about it (does that make sense?)

It's incredibly conservative, there's nothing to do, and everyone here loves Ronald Reagan.  It's just so ridiculous it's funny.

Ooh! My husband is from Danville, Illinois. I love it there :)

What town would this be? I'm from Peoria; Reagan worship runs very deep here in Central Illinois.

What I like about living here: In 2002, the Insane Clown Posse was banned indefinitely for inciting public unrest during a weekend-long hurrah at the Civic Center. I like that I live in a city that will likely never again be visited by the Insane Clown Posse.

What I dislike about living here: Road construction.

Love that eternal sunshine of spotless mind supposedly happened in my town, though filmed elsewhere in NY/Long Island ;)

It's cool, far enough from the city buzz, yet close enough if you just want to drown in the masses of people.. many bars and other activities, young atmosphere.

What I don't like in general in anywhere is people looking me like crazy when WALKING down the street, especially if it rains a bit. Sidewalks are in horrible condition. I also don't like the fact that the town doesn't really take all advantage of the nature as I can tell there are few areas where you generally have no access, but which would make awesome parks by the water. 

I'm from a small town in Ontario, located somewhere between the city and the country.  It's okay, but there aren't very many people my age living here, and not a whole lot to do unless you like to drink a lot of the time.

also from ontario...small town (the Soo) same thing its a place for bush parties and beer drinking...I loved growing up there, but I am happy to be living my 20s in Calgary, where there is such a vibrant scene for young people

From Washington, DC.... high crime sucks and so does traffic. Oh, and stuck up rich politicians hahahah

I'm from Gillingham in Kent. So a town about an hour outside London for those of you who don't know it. I like that people are so down to earth. I lived in Brighton for four years and as much as I loved it and fitted in with the artsy vibe people could be a bit pretentious - at least here people are what you see is what you get really. I don't really like my town though - it's quite rough. You walk down the high street and everyone is shouting and swearing at eachother and if I walk through quiet area and there's group of young people in tracksuits you just know they're gonna make some noise to scare you and make you jump or say something. Not even to stereotype but it really is like that and there's not much to do really. My favourite thing about the town is my house really!

I guess this would depend on if I'm talking about my hometown or where I live now...

Hometown (a town of about 1,000 in Central Ohio)

Pluses: No traffic, Free food since family is there
Minuses: Middle of no where, 30 minutes to any non-WalMart store, Everyone knows EVERYTHING about your life, Lots of racists and bigots

Current town (basically Cleveland)

Pluses: Work is the only drive I have to make longer than 10 minutes, Diversity
Minuses: It's Cleveland, Traffic, Pollution, It's Cleveland

Home town: SSM, Ontario

   Like:all my giant Italian family is there, it's 15minutes to a great beach, 30 minutes to cottage country, and can cross a bridge into Michigan for frequent shopping trips

   Dislike: It is a great place for people raising families... but there is nothing (oh and I mean nothing) to make people in their 20s-30s want to stay there

Current City: Calgary

Like: almost everything, so much to do (culture, food, sports teams, bars, music, festivals) plus the rocky mountains are 30min away. Also it's the land of job opportunities, which means young people are flocking here to establish themselves (vibrant young city really!)

Dislike: There is no water in this province! seriously... and what little water there is is either in man made lakes, or it's glacier fed and too cold for swimming. It's sooo far away from the rest of my family and friends back in Ontario

I visited the Soo last summer! Had a friend who lived there and went up to visit, I thought it was beautiful there (we did spend a lot of the time in cottage country).

I live in a medium-sized city in Michigan, and I've learned to love it.  I love 3/4 of the seasons (everything but summer: way too humid), I like its size - not huge but not tiny, and it is a college town which means it's quite "hip".  Lots of art, music, and cool bars/nightlife.  And even though I dislike summer, it is nice to have Lake Michigan 30ish minutes away.

I don't like that I went to college in the same town I grew up and I run into someone I know nearly every time I leave the house.  I hate summer and I could deal with winters being about a month shorter.  I also wish public transportation was better here.  I've lived in DC and got so spoiled there with the Metro... I hate driving, especially in the winter!


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