What is your dream occupation?  My latest post is about this at www.opinionofaglamchik.blogspot.com because I was posed the question last night.  Oddly, the question threw me for a loop, because I didn't quite know how to answer and that disappointed me.  That caused me to look deep within about my real passions.  What could I be doing that I would love doing everyday that would contribute to my personal satisfaction and to the world.  Not necessarily what would pay the most but what I'd love to be doing!  I answered on my blog about my dream occupation, but I want to know yours.  Feel free to respond here or at the previously mentioned url (my blog) with your responses.  Basically, are you loving the life you live by living the life you'd love via your passions/occupations?!!?

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Dream occupation is to be able to work full time as a performer: acting but also doing one woman shows/comedy. Would be bliss.

Unicorn wrangler. 

I'm rather fond of what I'm doing I worked hard to get the job I have and love it. I can travel a lot and make some use of myself.

Of course being a fab champion surfer girl would also be nice and is on my " next life " list.

My dream job is exactly what I do - teaching. However, I'd love to teach special needs children at some point in my career.

Refreshing to see we still have teachers that love teaching!!  I praise teachers!! 

Traveling writer and philanthropist 

Writer (which I currently am) and Book author (which I am currently not).

Also Professor of European History that gets to travel Europe giving lectures and being generally awesome.

I would love to be a writer and to get a novel published...

Basically, to do what I enjoy, and not to have my soul sucked away by some faceless global 9-5 corporation!

I feel the exact same way about 9-5s!!  It is like a slow death!  Good luck on your novel...I hope to see you on the NY Times bestsellers list one day!

College level curriculum designer for programs that integrate Montessori style teaching into a non-religious setting.

Well, this or a live mannequin.

Taxidermist. I am fascinated by it.

This is something I think about ALL the time. Not necessarily in the context of "work" but more what I want to do with my life to be happy. I dislike the way the world thinks we have to live (ie work 9+ hours a day just to come home and eat, relax for an hour then go to sleep so you can work more?! what's the point of that...) so...anyways on to the question lol

My dream occupation(s): artist, traveler, mom, blogger 
I'm expecting my first baby so that ones getting there! I'm an artist and a blogger however I don't get pay for it (yet!) and my fiance and I have plans for full time RVing in a few years so....hopefully someday I'll get there.


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