Time for a new thread again! What is your newest post about?

Mine is a list of suggested events to attend at Fashion's Night Out in NYC tomorrow night http://www.freshsqueezedfashion.com/?p=786

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My post is asking my readers who would play them if their life were ever turned into a movie. I picked Katherine Heigl.

Fantasy Casting.
Mine is about IKEA and how it would be the perfect hideout in the time of a zombie apocalypse. :D

The people in my life who have helped me become the truly fantabulous gal I am today.
Mine is about H&M's new Online store

Cancer. Sheesh. What a downer :/
i just put up a vlog that i made with my husband during my day off on monday!
My newest post is a giveaway!!! Check it out and enter! =)

My latest post is about New York's Best Pizza.


Also, there are now two different threads for last post part 7...

My daughter has been disabled since birth; they thought she may never walk. Well. I just posted a short video of her at DANCE class proving them wrong! :)
How I'm the unattractive one out of my siblings. Yeah, I went there.



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