So over the past few years 20SB has done various events online. Blog carnivals, swaps, Vlog Days, Featured Bloggers, Bootleg Awards, Twitter Parties, Pinterest Parties...

But we're curious as to what events you like most, and maybe what you'd like to see added.

So, let's brainstorm together and then do these things!

Also, if you're wondering about offline events and summits, don't worry. We're working on those too. If you'd like to help in your city/area, send me an email and we'll help you get it going!

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Bumping because we really are curious!

Do you like Vlog Days? Carnivals? Swaps? We want to put on events that YOU want to do.

Can you explain a bit about what a Pinterest party is? 

I'm not on Twitter, but I like all of the other events you've mentioned, actually! 

The one we did was pretty simple... We wanted people to pick something they've pinned and actually try it, then blog about it. It was sort of like a blog carnival, except using Pinterest for inspiration. We collected all the posts and even shared them on our own 20SB pinterest account.

I don't know if the money would be available for this, but a blogger cruise would probably rule!

We've talked about a cruise in the past, and while it would be amazing... the cost would be outrageous. (Speaking of money, right now the exec board is saving up for the redesign.) But who knows! Maybe we'll find some amazing sponsors and this could happen someday!

There has been talk in the chatroom about a 2013 20SB Summit. Might be time to do some brainstorming :)

THIS! 2011 Summit was a blast. I'm not sure I have anything useful to contribute to the brainstorming, but if ever you guys need more help to make this a reality, I am really good at such essential tasks as "sending encouraging emails" and "baking cookies for brainstorming energy."

yay cookies! :)

and I've already started looking into some locations to host and checking out prices... We'll make sure this gets talked about at our next board meeting call. Because I'd love to have another summit next year!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I haven't participated in anything other than the Pinterest Party, but I thought that was really fun!  Blog hops/swaps are some of my favorite events though.

fiction exchange & workshop :)


Welcome to 20SB!






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