Lets be honest, were all a little geeky. We're bloggers hello? So whats the geekiest thing about you?


I own a R2D2 mr. potato head and I can name all the US Presidents in order.

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It would be hard for me to narrow it down to just the geekiest thing.


As of late, I'd have to say it was when I heard the story on NPR about how CERN may have discovered neutrinos that traveled faster than the speed of light... I freaked out rambling on and on to the significant other about how this should be true and that the prospect of FTL drive spaceships is approaching.


Eyes were rolled, and I may or may not have been called a freak.


I'm foaming at the mouth for Diablo 3 to be released by Blizzard.  I'm not really a gamer, just a big fan of the Diablo series.

I'm hoping it doesn't split up my domestic partnership.


YES! D3 D3 D3 *begins a chant*
I have circuits tattooed on my right arm? :)  (but no, seriously.)

Like! I'm working on a blog post about how the male/female gaming brain/attitude/etc differs.  Since I need research and I don't want it to come across sounding soo pro-girl/feminist revolution that I drive away and guys that like my blog, it's taking some time.  Any books/sources you would recommend?

One time I jerked off to a cartoon character.

Well hell, didn't we all?


Can anyone say 'Ariel'...

No Harry Potter characters? Son, I am disappoint.
I'll vote for both you and Dan and say that one time you guys spent a solid 20-30 minutes coming on to each other in chat using Harry Potter lingo was pretty geeky. :)


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