Lets be honest, were all a little geeky. We're bloggers hello? So whats the geekiest thing about you?


I own a R2D2 mr. potato head and I can name all the US Presidents in order.

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I can sit all day on ebay or etsy to see if I can find first or early editions of books.

I had to make a phone call to answer this one. So it appears that I am a fiend of the red pen and am always correcting everyones spelling and I always seem to knmow the oddest most non everyday things, that would only come up on weakest link or master mind. Her words (my friends) not mine. 

I'm always spelling things wrong though????

Oh, why that would be my MASSIVE collection of knowledge and love for the X-Files.

Every episode name, every season, every storyline, and especially each episode where Mulder and Scully flirt = cemented in my head forever. 

Ahhhh love x-files... what episode stands out the most for you? for me it's easily the one with the loggers that are being killed by the bugs! (maybe it has to do with growing up in northern ontario and getting eaten alive by black flies and mosquitos every  summer)

I think one of my favorite stand-outs was Syzygy from season 3 or All Things from season 7! Although I don't know how I can really even choose. Geeking out right now!! haha

Geeky?? I'm not sure... You tell me!

*when i'm alone, i watch/listen to childrens shows (cartoons) specifically for a memory of my sister. even when i clean the house, i listen to "arthur" or "sesame street" in the background because that's all i ever heard coming from the living room growing up.

*i love... love to clean my house.

*i have an obsession for delicate tea cups, collect them and drink out of them.


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