What shall I do with the right most crucial portion of my blog

Hello Friends!

I need some help please check out my blog & tell me what modifications should i be making in the right portion of my blog??? Please help... Does an intro suffice or shall i put some social media icons... Kindly help everyone ????

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You're off to a good start content-wise. My biggest suggestion would be to change your fonts. Times New Roman, in my opinion, should only be used for writing academic papers. Comic Sans should be used, well, never. There are too many font elitists out there who will write off your blog simply based on your use of Comic Sans. It's a huge design faux-pas, and no, I'm not kidding. :) Font matters.

Also, your "About Me" doesn't really say much about you. It's kind of confusing, especially this part: "My blog would say more about Who I am? & What I am upto???" You have a typo ("upto"), and the use of three question marks in a row is a little off-putting. Your "About Me" shouldn't be long by any means, but it should sum you up a little better!

Thanks a lot actually I had written a big intro in the start but modified it after a while. My blog font is times new roman only. Thanks a lot for all the lovely suggestions you gave me :)I would definitely pay heed to every point that you mentioned :)

The very first thing I do when I visit a Blog for the first time, is look for an ABOUT ME... That's where I decide whether or not I'll keep reading. It's like, the 10 second first impression when you're introduced to someone. I would hope that my ABOUT ME gives my readers an idea of what kind of person I am and what my Blog is all about, and hopefully interests them to read some of my posts.

I have to agree with Cassie. Everything looks good, but the font is off-putting as is the use of one or more question marks where they aren't needed. The "About Me" on the right side of your page really doesn't tell me anything about you at all...

Hello dear Rachel I have written a fairly normal intro about myself. Thanks to both of you for pushing me towards writing more about Who really I am... Please check out my intro & tell if  it looks fine now :)

Regarding the font I am trying to modify it but in vain, I ma unable to do so.... Don't know if there's a problem with my HTMl... Please check my intro just for one now...

Thanks a ton for such wonderful suggestion... Take care thanks once again!

Thanks Cassie your reply has provided me great help :) I would try n work upon my introduction :)

Personally, I only take blogs written in Comic Sans seriously, just to annoy the font elitists.

Haha I don't think it's 'font elitism', Comic Sans just doesn't look very good.

Along with what you've already got there, right-aligned sidebars also typically contain some navigational elements, like archives of posts organized by month, or particularly resonant post categories (or I guess they're called "labels" in Blogger). Additionally, try to keep the blog meta-stuff (stuff about the blog or yourself) towards the top, and the buttons / counters / banners towards the bottom. 

Just a 2¢ from some guy who works on websites for a living, obviously these are suggestions and not rules. :)

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