My bf and I have been together for 4 years tomorrow, and we are in a better place then ever! I want to get him small thing for our anniversary.. any suggestions? I got him a sweater for Valentine.

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Get him some awesome looking flowers. Maybe in a modern unique non-cliched vase.
I think one of my husband's favorite gifts I've given him was a picture frame that I put a few pictures of us in with little comments and decorations - sort of like a scrapbook page. It was just something that he could put anywhere he wanted that could remind him of our time together - and we both like that. Plus I think hand-made gifts just have a warmer quality to them sometimes :)

Happy Anniversary!
the two best presents that I've given my bf (according to him) was a stainless steel flask by waterford, and a licensed dc comics shirt with the flash on it. Both were things that he had really been wanting, even though he usually prefers to get practical gifts.
So glad you started this thread...our 6 year anniversary is next month and I have NO idea what to get the boyfriend!

In the past I've done a flask (with his initials engraved), Guitar Hero, a nice watch, clothes...and I can't remember what else. I think I might just book us a trip somewhere this year...
I gave one of my old boyfriends a money clip with his name engraved in it. It was nice, personal, and practical... plus, it cut down on pocket space (wallets hold more, but take up space).

I like the picture frame with 'a picture of the two of you' idea. Just make sure it's not in a girly frame.

Planning a one-day adventure might be fun too. Or taking him out to eat. Most of the guys that I know love to eat :)

I gave a guy flowers in high school once. He didn't like it... but, that's just him. It depends on your boyfriend.
Kenneth Cole watch..
Thank you for all your ideas!!! He's a manly man so that what makes it hard. He not big on romantic gestures...
Happy anniversary! I've been thinking about the exact same thing. My boyfriend and I's 4 years is March 5th! I want to make him something...Idk. Last year I made him a really rich chocolate cake in the shape of a heart, I got him flowers (weird, I know!) and painted hearts on them, and I bought card stock and painted the front, and put things that reminded me of us (Hobby Lobby or other craft stores sell tons of stickers and little things like that) inside along with a note.

Does he like beer? Or BBQ? They have beer and BBQ of the month types of things. That's manly!
So many great suggestions!! I feel armed for hitting the street looking tomorrow :)
Buy him tickets for a sports game or a concert...

Let me clarify...make him a porn! ;)

Ok, if you're against that then how about doing something extreme (non x-rated) with him to celebrate your anniversary? Something like skydiving or bungee jumping! It's definitely a shared experience neither one of you will surely forget.


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