Anybody remember the Earthworm Jim cartoon? Man, I loved that show. I still occasionally say 'But that'll mean certain doom probably!' from time to time as an homage to Earthworm Jim.

What other TV series do you wish never got cancelled?

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Black Books. I loved it.

Oh yes, I forgot about arrested development!  On the one hand, I'm glad they ended it while it was still awesome and didn't let it get crappy like The Office.  On the other hand, I really really want it back.

LOST. Ugh, I miss the good days!


Oh, and did anyone ever watch Everwood? I really liked the first season. I don't remember how long it stayed on for.


OOOH! I can't forget the OC. Yes, it's girly, childish, and drama-filled. I didn't even watch it until after it was off the air! However, I really liked it. I mean, I watched the entire existence of the show in about a week.

The only show I care about, Star Trek (The Original Series). Wish it was never canceled, seen every episode and just want more. Other shows I do miss and wish went on a bit more, Boy Meets World and The Wonder Years

Veronica Mars, loved that show, don't know why they ended so abruptly, it was really good.


Also Jericho, was rather enjoying that series

Dirty Sexy Money and Miami Social. I loved them both and I was so sad when they went off air!
Saved by the Bell and Extreme Makeover (NOT Home Edition,the edition where they took ugly people and made them hot with diet and plastic surgery, that was an awesome show and I will pay someone to bring it back)

1. "Carnivale"

2. "3 lbs."

3. "Rome"

Veronica Mars and Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


Awesome Shows.

I've got several: 

Pushing Daisies


October Road

The Tick



Nobody has said My So Called Life, yet?

Oh, I just remembered Deadwood. Was anyone else really pissed off about the ending (or indeed, the lack thereof) of that show?


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