20SB was the first blog community I connected with two years ago and the one blog community I continue to believe in so much! I am working on a project for us bloggers and I am hoping you could all help me by answering my survey and letting me know what type of blogger you are. Thanks!

Below is the link to my survey.


-Julie www.8balloons.com

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I took it!

Thank you so much!

Done! But was there supposed to be something on the second page? I got a title but no actual questions. 

Odd! I will look into this and thank you again so much Jessica :) 

Everything is good and it just skipped only one question so it still helps. phew! :)

OK done, bizarre, the second page is blank. 

Hey Kevin, thanks so much for taking it and for telling me about the second page. That is odd and I will check it out.

Done :)

Thanks Annie!

There's no option for "Drunk blogger". 

hahaha no option...yet :)

Did it!



Welcome to 20SB!






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