An old friend from high school came to visit me and it got me thinking about my high school experience.  I am one of those people that didn't particularly enjoy high school and I'm glad it's over.  What was high school like for you? 


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I hated high school. I was extremely awkward and insecure. I had a whole mess of people that I called friends, but really, they were just acquaintances that were nice because we saw each other every day and we're creatures of habit. I had a lot of good experiences in High School. I was the lead in a school play, had a lot of good laughs. But on the whole, High School was hell for me. I hated being there. It's a big long story, but I dropped out halfway through my senior year because I just couldn't make myself go anymore.
I did not enjoy high school, I was a nerd, geek and stupid stupid fellow..
I always thought I am not beautiful and i had short height!
Please dont remind me of high school

The great part about looking back at high school is remembering that you're not longer in high school. Amen. 


I was one of those Susie High School girls who was involved in everything and loved the experience. Looking back on it, however, I'm terrified of ever having a daughter and having her go through junior high/high school--cruel places indeed. 

Kind of lame, actually. I mean, I had fun but I was so shy that I probably could have made more out of it. I didn't really start to enjoy school until college when I forgot to be shy/self-conscious.
I hated it. If there was anyway that I could have gotten out of there early, I would have. Alas it wasn't an option for me. I was an absolute social pariah.
High school was so-so for me. I just remember since grade 9 that I wanted OUT. I wanted to get out of there and out of the house and city as fast as I could. My parents were awesome enough to send me on a few trips on my own throughout my high school years which held me in my place for awhile but all I could think about was graduating and getting out of there. I never really lived in the moment. And now in university I love where I am, although I am still constantly thinking about the future I am never (or at least I try not to) wishing my present away.

It was okay, but not great.  I had friends, but I was never really part of any one group.  I was kind of on the fringes, trying to impress people and be cool, but really I was probably more of a pain in the ass.  Incidentally, this sort of thing led to an event that was horribly embarrassing for me at the time, but really helped me realize what I was doing and why I had to stop and find my own personality.

Now that we're older and all that crap is in the past, I'm pretty much friends with all those people who didn't quite like me before.  That's one good thing about growing up, I guess. 

I did a post on this last month. It was titled:

One Place I Never Want To Go Back To


That pretty much sums up how I felt about my high school experience!


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