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underwater sound gallery. underwater concert that participants experience while in a pool.

A tribute to Coffee and how it keeps me going in my busy life.


Tons of pictures on what I have been up to in the past few weeks. Ceramics, cooking, studio, beer, etc...

About my trip to Turkey, which culminated in being at Gallipoli for the ANZAC Day dawn service - one of the things on my 'travel wish list'

see here

30 days of vegetables. yuck


and on the food blog also today:

pate chaud (vietnamese dish)

it was about how awesome is (no i'm not paid by them or anything)




Just my sudden and intense desire to go ramble through the woods on this incredible day in Minnesota.
birthday rainbows!


my last post was on an attempt at being creative - making a collage of trip memorabilia

wow that sounded a lot more interesting in my head. i apologise in advance :P


ONE's Personality TOO Many


ONE is a normal guy but he is entangled between his different behaviours and can't decide which one is his original one.

Brahmin & Vogue: A Perfect Pair —


A wrap-up post about an event held by Vogue and Brahmin last night.


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