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Michelle gives us 5 tips for staying chic on a budget
The reasons why I am not proud to be a Canadian.

"PURRRRRR" is cat-speak for "I WILL KILL YOU, WORTHLESS HUMAN!” (or, the story of why I hate cats) -


This post was inspired by a thread on 20sb about childhood trauma - my story was about why I am scared of cats; so I expanded upon that post, added cartoons, and turned it into a blog :)


Lauren @ The View From Here

New outfit post!! I also have a giveaway going on as well so check that out :)

Fill-in The Blank Friday! also some rambles about blog changes  and earplugs.

Photography post - pictures of my neighborhood.

Go Grad Girl

My last post is a review on the film The Art of Getting By. Also about me experiencing something for the first time :)

Contemplating whether I'm a willing traveler on the path life has in store for me:
I'm at camp as a camp counselor, so it should be a fun summer. Swimming, rock climbing, s'mores, and good times. 

I met Betty White yesterday! She was amazing! So adorable!


rk rowlings announcement and pottermore :)


Welcome to 20SB!






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