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Don't just put your link, give us a little info about your post that will make us want to read it. Common sense really.


Also, just be aware that any other "check out my post" threads on the forum will be closed and quite possibly deleted.  Keep things here, and click that lovely little like "latest reply" or just go to the last page to see the newest posts.

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All about bad thought processes and trying to figure out solutions.

my thoughts on the latest Bright Eyes album, The People's Key
My last post was abt a frantic experience . Early morning - dogs chasing me - tryin to escape ..Phewww
That was one hell of an experience .
My Most Recent Post was regarding a documentary I found on YouTube entitled 'Skinny Kids' and my reaction to it.  Seriousness ensued.
My last post was a poem

I post a poem every Saturday which I write myself. It may be a short poem but it comes from my heart. Hope you will enjoy it and comment.
I am a new writer and need some comments to improve my writings.
this will stop anyone from having sex...

My decision to drop out of college next spring if....

my last post was my 50th!

The 50th post on the 50th day of the year? Well done! Mine was my 50th too, but that's because I'm doing one daily. Good job, though :D

Oh cool, you use Posterous too! I just love the platform :)

thank you!  I started on around the 10th of January so I've posted twice on a couple of days :)



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