Hey everyone, I just did my 2012 year in review post today, and I'm wondering who else has posted one or is thinking about it? Link your post here, I'd love to check it out!

Mine is below.


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you just gave me a great idea! i'm looking forward to doing a "year in review" post...


my year was amazing... the biggest highlight being my wedding day!

checking out yours now!

rachel emmilee




I got married in 2012 as well, and honestly it was the best day of the year <3

I hadn't though about doing that kind of post! How exciting! I might steal your idea =P I traveled to America to work for 3 months and couch surfed in New York-probably my biggest highlight/achievement :D I am just going to check out your post and will make my own in the next couple of days :D

This sounds awesome!

I did something similar: 2012 in a Nutshell: http://undeci.de/2012/12/2012-in-a-nutshell/

Unfortunately I have had a pretty crappy year, so instead of looking back I am only looking forward!

Falling in love with my best friend (our ten month was on Christmas), graduating from college, and getting into grad school were the highlights that come to mind. :)

Starting my Masters. I'm planning on doing a year in review post tomorrow! 

Me, me, me! Lots of great moments from 2012 to share. Here's my year in review post... with lots of photos!

Getting a job, moving somewhere new and getting my rowdy lab.

It's been quiiiite the year.

Okay. I wrote my recap of the year. It's long and fairly ridiculous, like 2012. Read at your own risk.


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