If 20somethings are the bloggers with the most to say, I'd like to also suggest that we're the ones with the best (longest thought out) halloween costumes out there. I know there's a lot of people doing link ups on their blogs this week... but I say why not link up here!

So what were you this halloween?

This year I rocked two awesome costumes centered around one great prop, a whip! Can you guess what I was? or click the link to see pictures along with 4 other nerdy costumes from years past.


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In this post I explain how slack my husband and I were with Halloween this year. We were not prepared at all, and didn't prepare costumes for the first time in years.


BUT... That didn't stop us from making the most of the evening. We got home after work and created a bloody murder scene in our back yard, lit candles, played spooky music and scared the SHIT out of people (small children) that came by. We also watched scary movies and ate tons of treats... So, Halloween lived, despite not having costumes!

I had a wedding a the weekend of the 20th... so it meant the sewing for my costume got done into the wee hours of the morning, cause I needed one for a party my bf and I were going to. but dressing up the yard to scare trick-or-treaters sounds like a blast! we only had three come by (very sad as I thought bf lived in a neighbourhood that would get lots on account of all the schools near by) so we just sat in and drank a bottle of wine, then watched 'that's my boy' (not a halloween movie, but it was pretty funny)

I went out as a little kid lost at Disneyland. I squeezed myself into a child's sized Minnie Mouse dress, and then threw on Mickey Mouse ears, plastic jewelry, and a huge lollipop. I added a kiddie harness and alternated between an attitude of "Yay, I'm free" and "Where's my mommy?" I had to explain it to everyone, but it was fun. 

haha I love it! were there any people dressed as cops or firefighters out with you? cause the would have made perfect costume accessories! "mr. police man I can't find my parents!"

This is my second year in a row of not getting dressed up for Halloween. Last year I was at a friends wedding. This year, we just decided to be lazy and do nothing.

that's alright, lazy and cozy is always a good time.... but I don't know if I could give up on dressing up, I love costumes too much!

Also, none of our friends threw a party. I think Sandy put a damper on a lot of people's morale.

I could imagine that it would, hope you all stayed safe and didn't get too much water!

Initially, I bought a magician's hat and a bunny ears/tail props to make some affordable/cheap DIY Halloween costumes for this year, but at the last minute the day of a Halloween party we changed costumes. Some blurry pics here: Halloween 2012. We couldn't decide how we should dress ourselves as a magician and bunny, or even who should be the bunny and who should be the magician. So the day of a party, he picked up some white hair spray paint type stuff for him and some white poster board for me. We went as Romney and a Binder Full of Women. Whichhhh, we initially had vetoed in the idea process because of not wanting to bring politics into the fray, but oh well, we were pressed for time and the materials were cheap. :-P Regardless, it was fun.


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