So there's been a lot of talk on here recently about life in terms of college, jobs, careers, our futures... Most of us are in the same boat; we've been laid off and don't know what to do next. Is grad school the next step? Is a change in careers the next step? Is a new location or move the next step? I've been trying to figure this out for a year and still nothing. Nothing because I want to be so many things and do so many things that I can't just pick one. I feel as though I am failing as a "graphic designer". I need to pick a new career, but what. Does any body else feel as though they are failing at what they set out to be? Does anyone else feel a little lost in this great big world and searching for the next step?

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Up until a few months ago, I didn't even know what I wanted to be when I grow up. I'm 27. Luckily, something clicked on and I finally decided that I want to be a writer. I've always been a writer, sure, but I finally decided that I was going to turn my life into that of a writer's. This, opposed to continuing on the same path of keeping my options open, spreading myself too thin to be effective. I decided what I want, now it is time to go for it.

To give you an example of how different this is for me... well, I work as a product manager for an internet development company. It is a technical job where the only time my writing skills come into play is when I try to tell the Russian programmer that he's an idiot without offending him. This is me refusing to settle for my comfortable job and deciding to really go for what is in my heart. It took me 27 years to figure it out, too. Don't feel intimidated that you don't have all the answers yet.


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