What is that unique quality about your blog that makes people want to come back for more?

I am always so blown away and honoured when someone decides to follow me... and I wonder, WHY do they want to come back?

In my case, I think it's the simple quirks that make up my complex personality. I open up just enough of my soul for people to want to see what else is inside.

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i think my thing is finding something interesting out things that are typically ordinary and mundane. Seinfeld-like. making something humorous of things that are largely uneventful.
Cool! I like your blog =]
This is a great question. When it comes to blogging it is really important to know who you are as a blogger and where you fit in.

I think for my blog, it is the uniqueness that we are all five of us are sisters but are best friends at the same time. The fact that between the five of us we are at a lot of different stages in our lives, so you never really know what the next post will be about.
*hurries to check out Leah's blog*
That is so cool!
I think in my blog is unique because it's not just for entertainment it's also helpful. I know a lot of wedding blogs provide lots of pretty pictures but there's no content to actually help you plan your wedding. I think that's why mine is so great, you get the best of both worlds, useful content as well as the pretty pictures.
You know what?

I have absolutely no flonking idea.

Maybe, after you read and fall desperately in love with the obsessive rants and profanations contained therein, you'll know.
I think my blog is unique because its a true reflection of who I am. Most of my followers feel like they really know me after reading a few posts.
it's my blog! I actually think that's the only thing I like about it (the fact that it's *mine*, that is)
That there is lots of whiskey involved.
Eeeh... nothing? In all honesty - I'm not a writer. If people come to my site it's mainly because they want to see my art and pixels. The only reason why I have a blog on there is because I'm to lazy to make a separate site for it XD


food porn.
HAHAH! nice!


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