I've been thinking about holidays a lot recently - mostly because I probably won't get to go anywhere this year, so I've been making up for it by making lists of places I want to go in the future! But I've also been thinking about past trips and looking at old photographs.


My favourite holiday was probably when I went to Amsterdam in 2008 for a week with my boyfriend. It was the first trip abroad we had taken together, and we had so much fun exploring and walking miles and miles just looking at stuff! We're not really beach-holiday (or sun-holiday!) types, but even though we were in a city it was nice to be somewhere so laid back. It was also the place I discovered the joys of Dutch beer and huuuge pancakes. I'd love to go back someday.


But enough about me...


What's the best trip you've ever taken?

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I have never been out of my country but I tell you there are a lot of amazing places to visit here and I have almost seen 75% of my country..




That's pretty impressive - there are lots of places in the UK I've never seen that I would love to explore (i.e. I live in England and have yet to visit Wales) - sometimes the awesome is right on the doorstep!
i took a 6 month road trip around the USA & canada. that was the best.
honorable mentions: seeing the philippines for the first time (im filipino) and doing a travel study in paris during college
I'm on it!! England to Australia overland :)


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