We all might have written something that we feel is OUR BEST so far! I would love to read interesting posts and will share mine too!



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Seriously amazing post, rather on of the best i've read!

Hmmm...not so much intriguing, as therapeutic.


I just really liked writing it.

Comme Des Enfants.

and i liked reading it, guess i could know the town's name :P
I think this post on development and human rights work may just be my best/most underrated post. It's nothing like the rest of my blog or my usual content, but I reckon it was a pretty good post.

My blog is relatively new but here I talk about what I've learned living in the slums. http://byjanet.net/purple/2011/05/lessons-from-the-ghetto-its-a-har...


It got pretty good response! ...Except for my parents... ;D

amazing read...i quite so liked reading that! :)

It was actually one of my first ones, I did one about why having open/concealed carry was a horrible idea for Peoria IL.  it is still my most popular post and people still read it! 



Guess i know the reason why...Intriguing post.. :)

Here's a recent thought provoker, if you get the post at all :)


Tell me your thoughts!



Hey pls give the post's link...would be hard to figure out the best from a whole Blog :)

I've written a few controversial posts. This one talks about why I don't think making abortion illegal is the best way to have fewer abortions: http://keepbabbling.blogspot.com/2011/01/can-we-please-stop-trying-...

However, I more often write about marriage, and I think this is one of my better posts about making marriage work: http://keepbabbling.blogspot.com/2011/03/balancing-companionship-an...


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