I render a song composed for my girl.

Whats yours?

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She had just started learning Italian, so I booked flights and a hotel in Rome.

... may have then ruined it by convincing her I had peed in her bath.
He's away at the mo, so he sent me his jacket and shirt to sleep in.
Before he moved to the UK, I made him a book of British slang and colloquialisms. It was hand written and about 100 pages. He's German, so I like to think he really would have struggled without it :)
Well we haven't been together that long, so there's not a whole lot I have had the chance to do.

When we went out on our first date as an actual couple, I remembered he had mentionned before that he would LOVE to see me in heels one day, so I put together a cute little outfit and wore a pair of heels with it.

Another I've done was there was one day where he had a really rough day. he works the midnight shift, so is supposed to sleep during the day, but he couldn't get to sleep. He had already stayed up several hours later than normal to see me, so I offered to drive him to work and surprised him with a coffee. It wasn't a big gesture, but he thought it was really sweet.
I made him a little book full of gushy things I wrote about him in my diary when we first started dating and called in chapter one. It's his favourite possession :)
I don't think I have ever done anything sweet for a guy...I'm clearly a cold heartless bitch

One guy once bought me a tiara as a present because he said I was a princess, I think that's probably the sweetest thing


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