It's 4.30 pm here in Dublin and I've just finished reading the main Sunday newspapers.  It's my favourite thing to do.  Spread them all out, have a quick flick through to catch the main stories and then read cover-to-cover.  How do my fellow 20 something bloggers spend their Sundays?  L xxx

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Like the idea of grilling out ... the pouring rain in Ireland makes that impossible here!
I like relaxing on Sundays. Especially if I don't have to make an appearance at work. I'll just watch tv or read a book or go out with my sister.
today wasn't bad- did some picking at the flea market with the BF and a friend of ours, then a late lunch/early dinner at an all you can eat chinese-hibachi-dimsum-sushi buffet.

However, given the fact that the BF and I have been so busy a lot lately, my favourite sundays are the ones where we don't get out of bed at all other than to make something to eat- and then we still eat in bed. haha. It's basically a day of lots of sex and sleeping and it's *so* relaxing.
Catching up on sex. Oh, and Dim Sum!
I like how Dim Sum was the afterthought.
I love catching up with the Saturday newspapers over a breakfast of poached eggs with spinach on muffins (we make this every weekend), doing the crossword with my boyfriend then going for a walk to a local pub and wasting the afternoon with beer, banter and roast beef. I like it best when House is on just before bed!
Sunday is always church in the morning, a large family gathering and dinner after church, a nap, and then some form of dessert and movie in the night. I love how lazy Sundays are. :)

Often, working... :/

I really enjoying watching Formula 1 on the BBC, and the races are always on Sundays... So, that would probably be my "favourite Sunday activity", if I had to pick one - watching the Grand Prix... But often, I find I'm working during the day - particularly in this current "writing phase" - and I have to record the Grand Prix, and watch it when I get home, and eschew all forms of social media until I can get home and watch it, in case one of my friends who saw it live lets slip who won, before I've seen it! (Sad, I know, but hey!)
My husband and I spend our Fridays and Saturdays with friends, and then Sunday we spend most of the day in bed and rarely change out of our jammies. On the "seventh day," we rest.


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