This is a huge pet peeve of mine. For me, anyway, I click on the name of anyone who comments to see if they might have a blog I would enjoy.  And if I like their blog, I follow it.  I actually am way less likely to check out someone's blog if they comment "I followed your blog, follow me back!"  Especially if they don't say anything else or just comment something generic that makes me wonder if they even read what I wrote.  It's not like my not following your blog means I hate you.  I'm probably just not interested in the topic.  It's not even that I think you're boring, but I am just not interested in tech blogs, for instance, that talk about crazy concepts I can't even begin to understand.  And it also makes me a little bit angry that people who comment to follow them back because they followed me somehow feel like they have forced me into a contract to follow their blog just because they have typed 6 words.


So what does everyone else think about asking people to follow you back? Do you do leave comments like that? Do you follow people back just because they borderline order you to?

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Nope, you're not a bitch.  I just delete those too.  To me, they are no different than spam.

Annoys the shit out of me. I take time to write out a post and they copypasta 'FOLLOWING YOU!! PLEASE FOLLOW ME BACK AT BLAHBLAHBLAHBLOGHERE.COM"

It's nice to let me know, but shit, did you even READ the post? If you want to let me know you're following me, send me a goddamn email, don't clog up my precious commenting space! It looks ridiculous all the  actually thought-out comments.

This is so annoying.  

Someone posted that on my blog and not only did I not look at their blog, I marked it as spam.

I did reply on your blog about this, but I'll put it here, too.

I hate when people do it, and I will not follow a blog unless I enjoy the blog.  I'd rather have 5 real readers than have 5,000 subscribers.  And saying 'I'll follow you if you follow me', or the like, I'm less likely to go to your blog.

I deliberately DON'T go to the blogs of people who leave comments like that. I follow blogs because I'm interested in them, not because the author followed me. If that means they unfollow me (and I have been unfollowed by a couple of people when they've realised I'm not going to follow them back), then so be it.

I *HATE* it when people do that. When I get comments like that, I'll usually avoid their blog intentionally. I honestly don't know how people think that doing that will get them more followers. Surely it would make far more sense to leave a comment that relates to the post and build a relationship with the blogger than just ask people to follow back?! 

I actually got a comment last year that was worse than this. It was all "You should check out my blog - if you follow me, I'll follow back!" Um, NO. I won't check out your blog. And I won't follow you. And at least have the decency to read my blog post you're commenting on if you're going to leave a blog-whore-y comment!! 

I ignore it and don't look at their blog. If you just comment on my blog about a post I will most likely check out your blog.

It's spam.

This pretty much.

My thoughts exactly! At least take the time to read the blog post before you comment and make your comment relevant to the post you're commenting on - isn't that like blogging rule #1?!

i follow blogs because i like the subject matter, the topic, the person. i would prefer no comments as opposed to those demanding that i follow them simply because they follow me. i didn't force them to follow me. and i never leave comments like that on other blogs. i try to make my comments as meaningful as possible, and if you want to follow me then go ahead, but if not, that's okay too. 


I hate it. I most definitely will not check out their blog if they leave a comment like that. Otherwise, if someone leaves a comment, I'll generally check out their blog, like you said.

It's just as bad as those generic comments on big fashion blogs like, "cute outfit! {insert blog link here}" Every.single.comment on those big blogs has a link at the end of their comment and even though it doesn't affect me in the least (and this is kind of off topic), it drives me crazy to see.


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