This is a huge pet peeve of mine. For me, anyway, I click on the name of anyone who comments to see if they might have a blog I would enjoy.  And if I like their blog, I follow it.  I actually am way less likely to check out someone's blog if they comment "I followed your blog, follow me back!"  Especially if they don't say anything else or just comment something generic that makes me wonder if they even read what I wrote.  It's not like my not following your blog means I hate you.  I'm probably just not interested in the topic.  It's not even that I think you're boring, but I am just not interested in tech blogs, for instance, that talk about crazy concepts I can't even begin to understand.  And it also makes me a little bit angry that people who comment to follow them back because they followed me somehow feel like they have forced me into a contract to follow their blog just because they have typed 6 words.


So what does everyone else think about asking people to follow you back? Do you do leave comments like that? Do you follow people back just because they borderline order you to?

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In my opinion those people don't care about your blog and only comment because they want comments and hits on there own page. I like to think of them as spam. So i ignore it and hope there blog blows up in internet blog land. I just automatically assume they probably have nothing interesting to say anyway.

I hate it. And really think it's rude. Basically that person is just following you as an advertisement for themselves. At least comment legitimately and have an interest in what the person is talking about. I am much more likely to check out someone's blog who actually engages with me on my content.

Yeah I always click on someone else's blog if they have one. I'm not going to just randomly follow people, that's so dumb. I do comment on their blogs if they comment on mine because to me, it shows that not only I read it but it shows common courtesy. 

I totally agree with you! If someone comments on my blog, then I like to check theirs out incase we are similar and I would enjoy reading it. However, if they say 'follow me back' or something similar, I try not to even look out of spite. Very childish, I know, but it really annoys me! I like to think that my followers read my blog and enjoy it, not just follow because they want me to reciprocate the action....

I always feel really uncomfortable about comments like that. I usually just ignore them if I don't like their blogs.

It bothers me a lot. I want people to follow/read my blog because they like it, not because they want me to follow/read their blog. And I expect vice versa from them - I want them following/reading my blog because they like it. 

Like you I just get turned off by these type of comments. I always check people's blogs on the comment stream and I don't need you to ask me to do so. If i decide not to follow your blog it is simply because your content is not appealing to me. I won't follow you just because you followed me, as I am not looking for numbers but rather for genuine bonds with other bloggers. I became really good friends with other bloggers with years, and the blogging community is an extension for making new (great) friendships. So yeah... those who do that will definitely lose my vote from start.

Yeah, I feel the same. By the way, I followed your blog. Follow me back! Thanks.

I couldn't agree more with all of your comments!  I'm the worst when it comes to commenting on blogs I follow because a lot of times I only get a chance to browse through my Reader.  I only comment on posts I've read thoroughly and have something to say about because I know that's what I would want people to do on my blog.  Do I hope that by leaving a comment someone will check out my blog and follow?  Of course.  I could never bring myself to be so brass about it though.  

To me, it seems like people like these are just drumming up popularity for their blog, and missed out on the whole point of blogging; connecting with a society full of lovely people.

I don't even authorise comments like these; I think of them as pointless and a tad spam-like. And not just because my reader's already filled with 300+blogs I genuinely enjoy reading. But there's just no point to the comment! At least tell me why you followed? Did you just follow to get me as a follower, only to drop me from your reader a couple of days later?


Ugh. Those kind of comments make my heart break. 
Blogging isn't ALL about followers. Like, yeah, sure, it's great to have an audience, but when the reactions left are simply a generic "nice! followed you!, follow back!".... what's the point? ):

to all the people who holler out: "follow me plz! i'll follow you. k thx"...........i would like to cyber-punch you in the face


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