Finding the image or photo that goes with your blog post can be quite time consuming process in itself, thankfully I've managed to go through a few services/sites that provide you with royalty free high quality images and photos you can use for your blog posts and ensuring you are not treading on any copyright material at the same time. 

Here is the actual post about these services: Where to Find Photos for Your Blog

If you found it useful, please consider leaving a comment on there or here, either way hope it helps others out there too.

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If you're using an image from Pinterest, a helpful service is Google Image Search (not to be confused with plain old searching for images on Google). With Image Search, you are actually searching the results of a particular pictures. You can drag and drop an image and find out the first place it was published to the internet. That way, instead of linking to the pin, you can link to the original craft/recipe/what have you, cutting out all of the link-clicking in the middle*.

*A lot of times people pin directly from the source, but I feel like every really interesting pin I see I have to click through four or five websites to get back to the original pin. I have terrible luck!

I draw my own Illustrations with a pen and scan them, because I didn't want to have to deal with copyright crap. The downside is that I am not an artist, I can only do sketches, so I use Google Images for stock photos, and it often takes 20-minutes to an Hour to draw a good picture. But I like my Illustrations because it gives my blog a distinct style.

If you don't have a good scanner, you could draw stuff in Microsoft Paint, like Samantha Zamora of Psycho Chick Lessons; or Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half. It certainly does add a distinct style!

I find Flickr to be a useful resource in looking for pictures.

I have a blog at Blogger and uses Google+ Picasa as it is the most accessible storage. Any photo I upload to my blog is automatically uploaded to my Google+ Picasa web albums. This is the beauty of using Google applications. Your data is synched using only one account. You avoid the hassle of logging in to multiple accounts.

I would like to try any of those services/sites you posted. I am more concerned of the speed and accessibility of the site because some sites take a lot of time to upload images.

Thanks for posting this! :)


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