So to grab some of the stuff we really needed for our new apartment on the cheap my boyfriend and I went to Goodwill and went crazy. And we found some pretty awesome stuff. Which we really didn't mean to do our intent was to just drop off some of our stuff that we didn't want to take with us.


My full adventure


We managed to snag.

-old fashioned teapot

-a little Victorian-ish table clock

- A super awesome lamp to match the clock

-a Kitty litter box (new)

-a little cat bed

-welcome mat

-the complete sims 1 collection (sadly we did not buy)

- a bunch of books (to feed the addiction)


So my question to you is, do you like shopping at stores like Goodwill? What is your best find at a thrift shop?

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Yes. All the time. We go usually every week or every few weeks. I love going to the thrift store (and antique store). We actually just went today! I accidentally broke one of our bookcases while we were cleaning so we were looking for a new one and ended up leaving with a second tripod for me, a picnic basket (with plates and cups), a cute little treasure chest and a cd case!

We buy so much stuff at the thrift store, it's great.

I was into thrift stores back when my family was just too poor to get new stuff. 
I hated the Kmart styles, they were like wishing they were the hip things but never quite getting it right, you know?
So I loved thrift stores because I could have original clothing  at great prices.

i love thrift stores. i see them as a creative field trip. the clothes {can be} are interesting, the knick knacks are unique and fun... and i recently met this awesome stay at home mom who loves buying crap at thrift stores and giving it a new life, so now i am completely confident in my ability to do it on my own.

ahhhh. a day of thrift stores with a couple hundred dollars would be the best day in the WORLD!
I love thrift stores but honestly don't make it there as often as I want to. I haven't been at all since I moved. I don't know where the nearest thrift store is. But you can find such amazing things at thrift stores!
I bought some pretty epic leopard print pants at Value Village yesterday.  Now I just need an excuse to wear them...


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