In addition to having my own tumblr ( I'm in charge of the tumblr for a vlog ( I do with three other 20sb girls (

It's so lonely with nothing to reblog so post your tumblr links here so we can follow you!

p.s. anyone interested in guest vlogging get in touch with us!

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I love Tumblr!  I'm at You don't have to follow if it's not your taste, I post a lot of video games and Doctor Who. But I'll follow yours!

video games and doctor who is exactly my taste!

Mine's I originally started it thinking I could use it to promote my blog. Then I somehow wound up addicted to reblogging pictures of cakes and turtles.


I love Tumblr too! But SHHHH mine is a "secret." lol

'tis a fandom blog ahoy, but I also post silly things other people post. :P

Following both!

I do have one ( though since I've gotten into Pintrest, I've been neglecting it for the past few weeks/months. My friends are very oh-my-god-tumblr-is-my-entire-life and it kind of got too intense once they got on.....

Well I'm going to follow you anyway!

I have Tumblr mostly artsy stuff. 


I am on tumblr as The Silver Cage. Unfortunately, I seem to be tumbling a lot more than actually blogging these days.


Welcome to 20SB!

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