Hey!  Does anyone use tumblr?

I'm interested in knowing why people use tumbler.  I haven't signed up with them, but from what I could see they seem cool.  My questions?  I've only noticed that most people I've seen use tumblr, focus on a lot of images.

The iffy side of wordpress and blogger:

Wordpress:  Wordpress.com doesn't let you do much with the layout.  Where you put your widgets is selective as to what layout you've chosen.  Also wordpress doesn't let you change your font.

Blogger:  All the templates look incredibly simple and not very modern.

Question for tumblrs and tumblr in the know:

"Why do you use tumblr?"

"Can you change the layout much?"

"How does the sharing work on there go?"
- It looks like it's a different system.
- Does it still make it easy to connect and share things with facebook and twitter?

"Why didn't you choose blogger or wordpress?"

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Tumblr looks to me like if Twitter and Blogger had a baby. It's like a mini-blog. And I like that most of them seem to focus on images. I don't use it myself, though, because I don't really have much use for it between already having a blog and a Twitter and a Facebook. Even I can only stand so much of me, me, me!

The only one I follow is thedisneyprincess.tumblr.com
I don't use Tumblr because I think it's really redundant. I realize I'm in the minority. I signed up a few months after its release and never used it because of this. I think that most Tumblrs consist of 95% unoriginal material (just reblogged and usually uncredited pictures, texts, and memes), so once you've seen about 10 Tumblrs, you've seen them all.
Well doesn't that mean if I write one blog a month, then it'll get to a good number of the tumblrs through their wildfire ways of spreading fire.
I agree that uncredited photos are a problem.

At the same time, I appreciate that accreditation is built in when it comes to who posted what. If you post your own photo, you will be automatically credited when someone re-blogs it, and as it passes through the cycle. Unless a user decides to delete the automatic accreditation link. In which case, a fist should find its way through the screen.
I really enjoy tumblr for personal use, because I can share images and articles quickly with my friends. For my blog, it actually works out perfectly since I'm all about the pretty pictures and tumblr lets me share some neat things that I don't necessarily have full posts about.
Ditto to both of these ladies.

I have a few tumblogs -- including a group one with other 20sb-ers (OMGWANT.)
My main one, Pink Dinos, is something to supplement my main blog, Adorkable Me. I definitely use it differently than I do my wordpress.org blog.

In essence, tumblr is for microblogging. Some people post lengthy things, but really, that's not what I want to see. I only follow 39 people, and not all of them post often. Some of those are my own tumblogs. Tumblr is a great way to share things quickly, things that don't need a whole post. Yes, there's a lot of reblogging. But I haven't had a problem where everyone's reblogging all the same stuff and my dashboard is flooded with the same repeated stuff. There are really awesome, really original tumblogs out there. It just depends on who you follow.

(Also, every so often I want to share a song... it's a great way to do so.)

As for layout... if you know some code, you can edit your theme. I've changed some things on Pink Dinos from the original theme I picked. It's not terribly hard.

Super easy to share on twitter. Super easy to share on facebook. Pink Dinos updates to my personal twitter account, and OMGWANT. updates to its own account. I don't publish to facebook, but I know a lot of people who do.
I just created a tumblr. I mostly use it as place to post random things I find. It has a cool "queue" option. So I usually queue a ton of posts and they are released throughout the day. They are automatically tweeted so I do not have to worry about tweeting them. I just have to monitor @ replies. I am quickly becoming obsessed with Tumblr.
I don't use it because it doesn't leave much room for original content, just reposting of things you've seen other places. Those kind of blogs never interest me!
I like tumblr because it's conversational.

It's like Google reader in that you can share things you find, like Twitter in that you can repost what others share, like Facebook in that you can "like" a post and move on without commenting, and like your standard blogging platform in that you can comment and...well, blog. It's very much a hybrid.

I keep two tumblrs separate from my main blog. They serve different purposes. One serves as a collection of things I enjoy: music, photographs, snippets. The other is Fuck Yeah, Hemingway. I don't use Tumblr for my own writing, though I wouldn't be entirely opposed to the idea.

I also love Tumblr's layouts.

Tumblr satisfied the hyperactive kid in me. You know, the one with a 5-second long attention span. 


It's a great place to find beautiful & funny pictures that work as inspiration elsewhere.


But a lot of the content is repeated. And sometimes the teenage angst gets to me. And I start posting emo pictures with quotes like "nnnnnngggggh, my life is horrible. Nobody loves me and the boy I love loves someone else and everything's going wrong in life and OOOH, look at the pretty shoes!".


But on the other hand, I've only had tumblr for what, a week? A seasoned veteran, me! 


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