Who among you here uses a Windows 8 of Samsung slim 5 ultrabook? Can anyone help me how to download apps? Every apps I tried to install isn't working or still pending. Urrrgh! I aint a computer guru. Heeeelp anyone. Tnx. =)

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I just got a Windows 8 computer, though it's Toshiba rather than Samsung. You should be able to download apps through the Windows Store in your Start Menu. If you're experiencing issues with the store accessing applications/downloading them properly, it may well be a setting on the computer itself.

Feel free to give any more info as to the issue you're experiencing (or send me a message with your email address if you prefer not to get into specifics on the forum), and I'd be glad to help out however I can.

I guess the problem is my internet connection. Urrrgh! Most of the time my laptop process things really slow knowing it's just 2weeks old. I can't understand web/computer jargon. I even deleted some apps thinking it will make the "process thingy" faster... Can't apprehend to this! Haha. Thanks anyway. =)


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