Would you go out with your Best Friend's Ex Girlfriend/Ex Boyfriend???

Would you go out with your Best Friend's Ex Girlfriend/Ex Boyfriend??

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I've had my ex-boyfriend from high school marry my best friend from high school and though I didn't mind them being married, it presented a really awkward triangle. And it ended badly.

And now, I am in love with my other best friend from high school's ex-boyfriend from high school...situation reversed. He doesn't know I love him and its incredibly painful since he started dating someone else. And, I can't talk to my friend about it because even though its been 10 years since high school, she still harbors feeling for him.

So, based on these two experiences, I'd say no.
It depeds, if they had a serious relationship probably not, but if it was just a fling then yes. My older sister slept with my last boyfriend a year or two before I met him. It was off putting at first, but when I realized that she meant no more to him than a friend who didn't work out (they dated for less than a week) and he was super into me, I got over it.

Dating shouldn't be a game, and keeping a hold on someone it didn't work out with is stupid for anyone. People move on, so stop clinging to the past. Why would you want to prevent your friend from happiness by not letting them date someone you're no longer interested in?

If the relationship is freshly over there is obviously a time limit. Don't jump from one bed to the next, but if it's obvioulsy over why not?
No. That is just gross and disrespectful. I would be reallllly weirded-out if my best friend started dating one of my exboyfriends, even one from years ago that I could care less about now. It's just too weird.
I swear that is all my high school was.
who could date whom's ex more often than this person.

It was this disgusting triangle that quickly turned into at least a hexagon where people were practically trading ex's.

I have never thought it was okay.
I will never think it is okay. (okay maybe that is an overstatement)
But I really don't think I'd like it if one of my friends started dating any of my ex's.
Hell, I didn't like it when people I didn't know dated my ex!

So yeah, don't date a friends ex.
hahaha u are funny ella :-)
No! It is an unwritten law that you don't mess with best friend's exes.
Depends on whether or not you care about keeping your best friend. Personally, I would never do it. Even if they say they're okay with it, they're not; plus it's just awkward. What if you go out with your best friend in a group? Are you just going to hold off on the PDA while you're out?

Not a chance would I do this.
Not unless I was ready to rid myself of the best friend.
No I know all the shitty things he's done.
I have. My friend had broken up with him, and she saw we were pretty into each other and gave us the go-ahead. She's pretty amazing.

But the same reason she broke up with him ended up getting in the way of our relationship, too.
probably not.


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