I'm trying to get some followers on my blog, and I would love it if you would check it out! I post a lot of great content featuring graphic design and web design.

Would you mind having a look and reviewing it for me? What can I improve on?

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Hey! You should put this little blurb in the "Introduce Yourself" thread... It might get more attention there! :)

For the record, I think your Blog looks awesome and I wouldn't change a thing! Nice design!

Rachel Emmilee

Thanks Rachel, I will do that! Thanks for the support!!! I like your blog as well!

The photography, pictures, art, and everything visual is just gorgeous. You did a great job with the overall visual layout.

I think what you're lacking (and I have this problem too) is a very specific voice that readers can relate too, but even if you have that, it's very hard to get followers so early on. What you need to do is read other blogs similar to yours, comment, follow, and hopefully other people will notice you. My blog is fairly new as well and barely getting anything, but I am slowly accumulating daily page views from having frequented so many bloggers.

Good luck :)


Thanks for the nice comment on my layout! It's hard when I'm the only one looking at it, I start to wonder if others like it too!

I definitely want to better my writing skills. I saw that you're an English major... maybe you can help me out! I suppose with writing more we can both develop our unique voices :)  Thanks so much for the advice, I will really try to develop a specific voice!

I've been blogging since January of this year, but have really started to take it seriously the past few months. I've been doing a lot of research today on how to promote my blog and they all say to comment on other people's blogs. So, that's what I've been doing! 

I was looking for more websites like that, more of a forum to post my articles, do you know of any?

PS: Your blog is SUPER cute!!!

I agree with Lisa regarding the voice. The more you blog, the easier it will be to find that. Commenting is a great way to get readers. You said you were posting 7 days a week in a post which is great. The more content you have the more likely people will find you and keep reading.

The layout looks great! I wouldn't change a thing about that.

Thanks for the advice! Just last week I've decided upon my blogging schedule, so I've been blogging every day since! It's nice to have a set schedule so I know what I will be writing about, and we all know it's good to be consistent!

Thanks :)

From the people I follow and the books I read, I notice that most people get followings by participating in contests and being recommended by another, seasoned blogger. You've probably seen those html awards. For example the, "Lovely Blog Award," which people give to each other like a chain letter, but it helps with self-promotion. I'm trying to do that right now, but we'll see!

Haha I'm not a good writer at all. As an English major, I read more literature than write. Blogging has been something to write about. I don't know of any websites, but try to look for contests or ask if you can guest blog on another blogger's site, if you think you can give them an individualistic, stylish spin on a theme they're having. It always helps!

Thank you for checking out my blog. The design is a free template. I don't have any skills in graphic design haha! Good luck with everything :)


Yeah, I've notice the blog awards and contests too. I have wondered if I should do a contest as well...give away something cool! Sometimes I think the blog awards are a bit cheesy and I want to come off as a professional... but I bet there are some non-cheesy ones out there! 

Ummmm super excited about your blog!! I am a graphic designer too and am now just trying to get my foot in the door of the industry (which is really hard to open btw). Your blog is awesssssome! Following :)

I really like it. It's clean but still fun, which I think is an excellent nonverbal promotion for your graphic design skills. I just skimmed over the content since I've got about 20 tabs open right now and my ancient laptop is crying for mercy... but I added you to my blog reader. Looks good so far. (And fyi have you ever come across Nubby Twiglet? she's a graphic designer who I've followed for a while. If you need some ideas for how to promote your style and brand, she'd be a great source of inspiration.)

I like the pictures, artwork, etc. The only thing I feel is lacking is more of a voice when it comes to writing. I feel there needs to be a little more writing in your blog.



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