I'm giving my blog an overhaul and I am attempting to write a new "About Me" page. I hate writing "About Me" pages. They always end up sounding forced and awkward. I can't write about myself in a natural way, I suppose. 

Anyone have any advice on putting together About Me pages that will draw in new readers without sounding boring or egotistical?

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I saw "not over thinking it" a few times and I think that's a really great mindset to start with. From there I think you should position your About Me page in a way that prepares your reader for the experience they will get in of being a part of your community. So really it's less of an "About Me" and more of an "About How Who I Am Will Benefit You" - if that makes sense. This way you get to introduce who you are, what you're about, and why you're there all in terms that the reader can relate to. I think that even in an "About Me" page you should be trying to provide people with value in the hopes that they can grasp on to not only who you are but what your message is too :) 

I used to have a fairly well-written about page, but I took it down and haven't made the effort to build a coherent page with less personal detail since. That said, everyone who has given advice to not overthink this process was right on target. Just talk about you. Depending on who you ask, the About Me page is either the most important page on your blog or the one that not a single person will care about. Either way, whatever you write will matter most to you.

About Me pages make me think less of myself.
Like...that's who I am? In my own words? Yikes.

I usually answer questions people always ask me - my name, where I'm from, hobbies, dislikes etc. Make sure to add pizzazz because About Me pages are not only awful to write but sometimes awful to read. Good luck!

I find this page is very difficult to write. I spent some time mulling over it before I figured out what to write in that section. I wanted my "about me" section to sound real, as if I am talking to the reader so I actually recorded myself while talking, as if I am answering the "tell me about yourself" question in person. Sounds like a silly thing to do but I think it helped me :). Maybe you can try that?

about me pages are my favorite part of a new blog I come across. I definitely read it better anything else. Yet, I have no tips for writing them and really need an overhaul as well. :)

I hate writing those too! There is some great advice here, though. Thanks for posing the question!

i literally write mine as though i'm talking to a best friend. pretty much do the same for every post. it always helps me to read it out loud, give it a minute or a day, then reread it until i hear myself say it and i'm like, "yes, that is totally me."

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