Hello lovelies!

Finally returning to the blogosphere after a lengthy hiatus, and looking for blog friends of the literary persuasion. :) Would love to make some friends to share work with / support / collaborate with, etc! 

I live in LA, write plays and short stories, and am on a major reading kick right now. Just finished Lidia Yuknavitch's "The Chronology of Water" and OMG AMAZING. Other recent favorite books include "A Visit from the Goon Squad", "Super Sad True Love Story", and "Habibi". 

Let's be writery friends! 


<3 <3 <3


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Hey, I'm a writer too and have even had the honor of having the WB studios "pass" on my screenplay lol. It was pretty cool that they read it though, 99% get thrown in the trash without being opened.

I'm still working on writing and while I don't post my stories on my blog, I'm going to launch a website soon with my stories on it.

I plan to post in the near future some things about writing like the process I go through, etc. It's interesting to know how people go about their writing.

Would love to be a writing/literary friend with you!

just returning back to 20SB now! is http://www.caityslosingit.blogspot.com/ your primary blog? would love to follow!!! :) 

Why yes, I sometimes write stories.  I even blog about it now and again.


That's the best part of the blogosphere, collaborating with other great minds! I'd love to read some of your stuff. I'm a creative writer, well, actually I'm a teacher, but creative writing is my favorite class to teach! I write mostly non-fiction on my blog, but it's humorous non fiction. I do also love writing short stories. I haven't really dabbled in trying to write a play though.

I'll check your blog out!


First of all, I LOVE your blog! Second, yes, I am a writer who blogs-- often about writing-- though it isn't exclusively a writing blog. It's a recurring topic because it's constantly on my mind, though. It's nice "meeting" other bloggers pursuing the same passion. I've been debating a post on my quest to find a graduate program in writing, though I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to broadcast it quite yet. I could change my mind in the next few hours, though.

Witty Title Here

Welcome back! I too have returned (with a new blog) after a hiatus and I'm glad to find you're still around! I used to write for a living and it took me a while to get back to writing just for the love of it. 


You should read my blog, www.smilebigandpretty.com. I'm an actor/voiceover/jill-of-all-trades and find my lifestyle is conducive to producing weird stories and quirky anecdotes. I fancy myself a comedic essay writher/enthusiast.

I'll be relocating to LA - probably in April. Roadtrip writing? Anybody? Anybody?


Also, I checked out your blog. Love it. I bookmarked it!

Feel free to check out my blog! I'm a writer as well and write about the writing process and ways that I get inspired!


Check it out here - World of My Imagination

I love love love reading and writing.  My favorite books, top three anyway, would have to be East of Eden, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and We the Living. I've never heard of the chronology of water but the title sounds interesting; I'll have to check it out.

If you are looking for writing blogs, my blog www.artifactsoftheapocalypse.blogspot.com is a collabrative fictional story and is ALWAYS looking for guest writers. If you are interested, read a few posts to see what its all about than look under "submissions" for more info on sending in a story. 

 An added plus is that when I publish your post, you can write a short bio to go with it and backlink your blog.  Artifacts get between 50 and 100 views a day so it should help increase traffic and its a fun project. 


Welcome to 20SB!

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