You might not believe it because maybe someone has told you otherwise, or maybe many people, but I know things. I see things.


I know that you're amazing.


You're free to not believe me, but I'm not wrong. I've lived long enough to know things. The thing that I know is that a human being is special. Every single human is amazing. Even the mass murderers. Even the worst of the worst. Even the darkest of the dark.


There is a spark inside that can redeem anyone.


You are amazing. You're a son or daughter of God. The one who IS. You are immortal. You are capable of the worst evils and the greatest goods. You are powerful beyond imagination.


Everything about you screams that you're alive and real and human.


Everything about you shines.


You are the bright and shining star in the night.


You make the world turn.


Without you there would be a hole unfillable. A void that would never go away.


You give life its meaning.


Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


I know things. I know this.


The world needs you.


I need you.


You make life better.

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I'm a fan of this.

I've missed you!!!! 

I think this means we should all have sexual times....


Welcome to 20SB!






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