tell us..

work/home/school etc.

how was your day in a few words?

Mine was busy, hectic, and since the holiday is around the corner, I expect me to get worn out easily... but cant complain.. at least I have a job. :)

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hungry, plantain chips, kitties, laundry

delish lol

Productive, challenging, word-blocked. (Is that a word? It should be.)

cleaning, driving, thanksgiving break, reese's cups. 

the reese's cups make up for the first two.

reese's cups are the best.

did laundry, spent a few hours in my favorite coffee shop, stressed out over an audition, listened to some good music, drove around in the rain, made snarky jokes with my best friend, held my cat. 

That all sounds lovely except for the laundry and stressing. :)

woke up late

caught up with a friend over dinner

walked around a neighborhood in the cold

grocery shopped

internet time

that all sounds lovely too, except for maybe the walking around in the cold and the grocery shopping. 

Nostalgic- got back to a couple of my social media networks, including 20SB. =)
Apart from that, my day has been averagely happy, and that's fine!

Welcome back!

very different from what i am used to.

i spent the evening watching my sisters three small children, so this morning it was up early... feed 4 mouths, dress and wash 4 bodies, make lunches, get them off to school (on time), tidy up and run to work.

HUGE props to my sister and other busy parents!


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