I know this question is a little flawed, hopefully every one of your posts was done for a reason and has merit, I would just love to spice things up by reading some random posts of people I am not following and don't know where to start.

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I couldn't think of a favourite. This is one of the most memorable - Mrs Medusa.

This is still one of my favourite posts.  It took some time to get the words right, but when I did, it said exactly what I wanted it to say.


Here's mine. I posted one diary entry for every age from 7 to 21, to show how ridiculously melodramatic I could be. 


I suppose my 'favourite' (difficult categorisation that) depends on what I'm looking for- is it from a purely aesthetic point of view? Is it because it's technically perfect or because it says exactly what I mean, even if it's messy? Is it poetry or prose or one of my exceedingly long essays that abuse semi-colons like nobody's business? Difficult question :)

I suppose, for 2012, the post that I like best is 'beyond affirmation', that I wrote mid-way through a really difficult year after an unexpected trip to Uganda. 

Philadelphia Christmas Eve


Let's Talk About Rings

I couldn't pick between the two. xo

I love the story of your engagement ring. I think you have completely the right attitude. I've manged to offend a few people lately because I didn't ask to see their ring the second they told me they were engaged. I was confused because I thought the engagement was about their relationship, not about a ring.

I absolutely agree! I'm the happiest I've ever been and it's not because of the ring. xo

I think my favorite post of all time on my blog is My Galaxy Earrings tutorial! This is the first DIY I actually showed on my blog, and I really think it's an interesting one. 

Inspired by the worst plane ride experience I've had.


This is a difficult question, but I'll choose this one.  I debated posting about religion, especially so personally, but the response I got was amazing.  It was so nice to hear that others could relate to what I was going for and also that people respected my journey (even those who aren't particularly religious themselves). 

My favorite post is the one I just did. We went to Rockaway Beach NY with the Dropkick Murphys Hurricane Relief Convoy and what we saw was unreal.

It reminds me of what I like to say about liking music: I don't like music. It interrupts conversation, hurts my ears, somehow makes elevator rides more boring. But every once and a while when a song comes along that, try as I will, I can't hate, that's a special feeling. The core of it.


Welcome to 20SB!






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