I'm about to be starting MY first full time job, and I'm excited as hell. 8-5 data entry position at a job downtown called Chemical Abstracts. I'm getting the position through a temp agency, so I can't say I really had to do a ton of work for it or that it's in my career field (software development and web design), but all the same, I DID have to sign up for the temp agency and "find" it that way hahah.

What was your first full-time job? Was it something that you enjoyed? Did you start it by choice or by necessity? Was budgeting an issue once you were rolling in the dough? Was it just a temporary sort of thing for you?

I'm feeling super anxious and incredibly excited and just want to hear from some other people about this!

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My current job is my first "official" full time job- I'm the receptionist in a salon. I enjoy it most of the time. I took it because I need to get back on my feet after a divorce. It doesn't pay much but every little is helping I guess. It'll also give me front desk/administration/clerical experience so that I can look for something better paying later down the road.

It isn't my first full time job though- in 2005 I worked for a summer camp and riding school (separate entities of each other, but in the same place) and after camp was finished, the school asked me to stay on part time. I was the easiest to get a hold of, so I was often on call and I spent a lot of time at the barn taking care of things that the manager didn't have time for. I'd also spend a lot of time out there just because I wanted to. I probably spent approx 60 hrs a week out there at least- that doesn't include weekends when we'd go to shows or even prepping for shows.
3 months into my first "real" job and this happens. I'm ready to hide in my bed.
Congrats on the job! I just started my first full time job in May. I'm working at at a nonprofit that sponsors international exchanges for college students and young professionals. I absolutely love it so far! It's been the perfect first job since it's allowed me to take on many different roles and there's a lot of young people working in the office. I think the important part about your first job is finding something that you can learn different skills from. And after a few weeks don't be afraid to ask about taking on new projects.

Budgeting is definitely the hardest part though. This is the first time I've lived completely on my own (I don't count college dorms) and all the little expenses really add up! Buying the little things like cleaning supplies, shampoo, toothpaste, laundry detergent, etc. really adds up fast!
Well, when I started FT after graduation, BF wasn't really employed. So we weren't exactly rolling in it, no.

I was working in editorial, but in more of an admin/support position. Clawed my way up to an editorial role and here I am a few months later!

I started it because...well, I had already been there in a PT capacity all throughout my degree. I needed a job and it was the best I had at the time! And it's all worked out pretty well.

My first full time job was In the Accounting filed.
I have been working at my first "real" job for about 13 months now. I came across this job through a group I was in in college called SIFE. So now I am a 23 year old SIFE Analyst for a fortune 200 company :) I did have to do a little work for this job. I think I spent 5 solid months looking for ANYTHING before I came across this on the website. But I also researched the company and completely and fully prepared myself for the interview process.

Anywhooo, I live a comfortable, totally independent life and I love it. I work in corporate finance (one step away from my goal of bein a CPA!!) This job has taught me so so much in my professional life as well as about myself as a person. I like who I'm becoming because of this HUGE life change (i moved 13 hrs from home to take this job). This job is exactly where I need to be right now because there is no where else that I could learn what I'm learning at this age. (I don't think)

and Lastly, as my startup funds have depleted recently (and i moved into a house from an apartment = increasing expenses!) I have started budgeting. I have 4 or 5 different bank accounts that I allocate my money to from each paycheck. I give myself an allowance and the rest is pretty much already spent. haha.

You just have to be DETERMINED.. I was determined to get out of my small town and work in the corporate world -- so i made it happen. Now i'm determined to buy a big house and start saving money & I'm gonna make that happen too. It's all about how much you reallllllly want it!

I hope this helped you!!
My first full time summer job is when I was 17, working in Wisconsin Dells as a retail salesperson in one of the gift shops. The owner had about 20 stores at the time... I spent the first summer working at the gift shop at the Lower Dells boat docks, then the next summer after graduation I worked downtown in a gift shop until the season got into full swing, then I switched to the toy store. That was awesome. I've had several pt/seasonal jobs since then, but only 3 full time jobs since then, working in manufacturing at Ashley Furniture, then another factory, then security for a few years, in law enforcement for a couple years, then customer service for Verizon Wireless, then overnights on a remodel project for Wal Mart, then back to the Dells to lifeguard for the summer. Currently unemployed and going to school.


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