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I finally got a new laptop to get back into the blogging scene!
My favorite Missoni for Target items for men, women & home:
about how the airport isn't the only place to people watch. find a park bench near wal-mart. preferably after a supper of lunch tacos:
Dazed Daisies new post update: Bottom Squeezed!
My latest post is about how we pushed back the wedding a few months and now I am rethinking choices I've already eliminated. Save the Date stickers or no stickers? Tattoos and Lace
I can't believe it's come to this!
My fiance and I went on a breakfast picnic this weekend and I shared the little story and lots of pictures of it! it was a lot of fun :)

Life's simple pleasures and my favourite things :)


Check it out here!

WAY TO GO! - I talked to my girlfriend on the phone today but of course had a HERPADERP moment beforehand.
Library Tour 2011: My mini research trip plans.
My last post is about the last few days of summer vacation before I go to college. It explains about my roommates so far and my best friend leaving.


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