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About why wish the Red Cross would stop calling:



My sponsor dog, Violet, send me cute little doggy message, with a video!


New Blog Post: B U S Y

Some things I've been up to.

The reality of a fixer upper. Balancing the Beauty with the Beast t...


I always see pictures of beautiful decorated rooms on pinterest, and envy consumes me. I've read a few entries where the blogger balances the perfection with pictures of their home- the good and the not so good. I'm tossing in a few...hopefully DIYers and anyone looking to buy a home on a budget will appreciate this! 

Alien almost ruined vaginas for me. Almost.

A fond ode to Alien and it's sequels about how they changed vaginas for me foreer. 

One of my biggest deal breakers while dating. 



2 posts today - a thought for Friday, and I also wrote about how glad I was that it is half term, and what I have learnt in the last 6 weeks in my new job.




My first "five senses Friday" post--on the beginning of winter in Montana, pipe smoke, enjoying the present time, and more: unceasing exploration.

Thoughts on coming from the vikings.. and also from the Spanish.. and learning how to swim and live... and why does Bob Harper always make me cry?


Is it just me? Warm blooded vs cold blooded families

Software giveaway!! Have you ever wanted to buy a great design program but never felt like you had the funds to spend? Well, My Memories, a scrapbooking software program has offered me a free version of their software to give to one of you!!

Check out my blog for examples of what I've designed, and also don't forget to enter for your chance to win a full version of their software! :)


Yesterday's fabulous spider story didn't get as much love as I expected, but I stuck with the bug theme anyway.

Enjoy recent mosquito-related stories.  (I hate mosquitoes.)


(It's likely that I'll get my 20,000th pageview today.  So exciting!)



Welcome to 20SB!

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