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I'll start.


On my personal blog, I recently posted about how washing my car makes me feel amazing and how Snow White probably had nasty morning breath when Prince Charming came to kiss her. Lorraine Says: Car Wash 


On Childhood Trauma, we just posted our recap of Goosebumps Night of the Living Dummy, Part 1. That book was, well, dumb. Where The Hell is Slappy in this Book?!

I wrote about Mississippi being full of crazies and the awful Amendment 26. http://reasonsimgoingtohell.com/2011/10/24/mississippi-solves-probl...
I just read about that!  Fucking mississippi...

The latest post: How Practicing for a Make-Up Session made me look...well, see for yourself.


Cat Make-Up Practice = FAIL!

I like cats! I like every kind of cat!
And I want them to be on a rainbow! :D
I haven't seen any of the movies you listed. :)
The only one I have seen is The Goonies. I refuse to see the others.

I address the rumour that I may or may not have turned into a zombie...


[science, spouses & silliness]

So I decided to make a little list about what I believe are complete and total deal breakers for a relationship. It wasn't even that hard to think about my top 3 deal breakers lol 


A few awesome things I found at a yard sale:



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