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My latest post shares how three days of substitute teaching helped refocus me on what I want to do with my life, and also includes my weekly "five senses friday" list: vocation, the doldrums, and fridays. | unceasing exploration
I have forgotten to share my last few posts, but I thought this one was semi important. It is about healthy relationships, all for Domestic Violence Awareness month. Check it out, please and thank you! HiYA! Keeping your love and good sense in the same place 


I just updated my blog with a new FailMales story called "Mistaken Identity"... another classic FailMale!


Just updated: How I manage my Twitter account. Alternative title included: How I gleefully unfollowed 500 people who were too drunk to tweet coherently. http://flowerchildinthecountry.com/?p=2149
My latest post involves an owl doodle and Magritte: http://life-with-coffee-spoons.blogspot.com/2011/10/magritte-owl.html

As an RA, I have too much fun making bulletin boards...


On David Foster Wallace, our default settings, & trying to be less of a selfish cow : http://wp.me/pRBhB-id

How Halloween has always been a night of debauchery for me.



I wrote about beating my radiator with a stiletto.  With pictures!



A rather rambling story of my amazing Drunken Master powers, and my insecurities regarding getting old and realising I'm one day going to have to learn to be a master without the drunken bit.


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