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I just posted a blog design giveaway.  Check it out & enter!  


My advice to other, new, Zumba instructors going through auditions.


Happy Dancing,


Anybody else thoroughly entertained by Cee-Lo?



My blogging partner-in-crime, Hanny the Coffee Bean, thinks that Cupid may have jinxed her last year. :P



I write about Ren & I's love story, in light of Valentine's Day.

Here is to wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Happy VD!

My ex is pregnant... and all that fun stuff, to go right along with Valentines day!


No matter what your opinion about Valentines Day is... there's a song for it. New post! http://ning.it/Aw3Ojm

Part 2 of my Thailand adventure: http://www.dontfeedtheanimals.net/2012/02/thailand-part-2.html

Warning: parental discretion advised.

Feb Photo-A-Day is heart-y

See the rachel zoe fall 2012 rtw collection (3 minutes long) on me blog


The Spanish are obsessed with olive oil, and now they've scientifically proven it won't make you unhealthy! Ok, Spain, you win this one.

Proven Fact: Spanish Food Won't Make You Fat


Welcome to 20SB!






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