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This be the inside of my bathroom cabinet for Feb Photo-A-Day.

Am I taking on too much trying to have a life? This year is about taking chances, trying dating, traveling more and photographing it all.


I haven't posted on here in a while.  Well, I used to be big on gaming (primarily Everquest 2). I've been missing it a lot lately...  http://searching4happiness.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/missing-gaming/

My post is about my first time making sushi since my boyfriend got me sushi things for Valentine's! Was quite fun!


New Post: I explain the concept and reality of Cuban-time!


I have started a 30 Days of Movies Challenge!

Day 1 is: Your Favourite Movie - see mine here and share your favourite too! :)

In which I am in no way qualified to be handing out relationship advice, but do anyway.

 'small asks' http://ning.it/xQy2YT I wish you'd tell me what you mean when you say, 'this isn't who you are'.

My car just had her first accident...I was a sad lady last night 

Sally's First Accident 

A photo diary of my week!

Hope you enjoy!

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