You may have had a fantastic year, but what was your not so amazing, less than glamorous low moment of 2012? Although 2012 was a fantastic year for me, I think:

1) my grandfather's passing

2) leaving New York City  (Although Philadelphia turned out to be pretty wonderful)

...were the lowest moments of 2012.


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My year was actually pretty great! I guess I should consider myself lucky when I say my low moment was when pregnancy started making me pee myself? Oh! Or...when my fiance and I had to live with my parents for 3 months. They are awesome but I think we can all agree that's not an ideal situation.

Getting shingles on my butt from stress. There was nothing good or fun about that.


Oh God. That SUCKS.

This reminds me, my husband once won a big jackpot on a Casino card game - and woke up with shingles the next morning from the stress of winning. Who knew!?

Oh wow! ha ha. At least he got some money out of it.

Not getting into grad school. 

Boo-urns :(

Did you reapply? 

Yeah, one of the universities let me re-use my application this year without paying more fees (because I spent several hundred dollars attempting to apply to three different universities, and just couldn't swing that financially or emotionally again).  I was wait-listed at one, but never called up.  This year I was able to apply as an in-state resident, so there's a slim chance that will help.  I actually just submitted my application for this the waiting game begins again.



oh wow


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